Final Closing Down Sale - When It's Gone It's Gone!

News, Thoughts & Recommendations

  • Trends for 2022

      Top Wine Trends for 2022 Alternative, Eco Packaging It took a long time for the industry, and then the general public to support the screw cap. ...
  • Jamie's Festive Pairings

    Jamie’s Fabulous Festive Pairings!   You’ve lined up your menu, argued about who to invite, now all that’s left is to choose some vinous treats for...
  • Thanksgiving Recommendations from Tring Winery

    A little thanksgiving history, and some amazing American wines to taste and pair with your thanksgiving dinner.... or any dinner to be fair!
  • Making our own wine

    In which Alex dives into a bit more detail about our winemaking plans for Vintage 2020.
  • Thank you all for supporting us / Expanding our range!

    In which we say a huge thanks to our amazing customers for keeping us afloat in these challenging times. We also set out some of our future plans for wines that we stock and our Online Wine Tasting Club.

  • Staying sane during isolation?

    In which Tring Winery introduce a frankly ridiculous idea - a mass online wine tasting hosted in a video conference room!
  • Our Story So Far

    In which Alex tries to sum up the first few months of getting ready to open a winery.