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It’s that time of year! Sun is out, windows are open, and BBQ’s across the country are getting fired up. Whether you side with gas or charcoal, fish, steak or veggies, there is always the question - what should I be drinking? 

So here at Tring Winery, Jamie & Alex have put together a list of six fun and interesting wines to make sure your BBQ drinking is an amazing success.

What’s on the grill

Grilled Veggies

Domane Wachau, Federspiel, Riesling, Wachua, Austria. 

Bright, fresh, dry style Riesling.  This wine is an absolute winner and one of Jamie’s favourites.  Hints of lemon and lime with a peachy finish. Keep cold, drink often.

Chicken & Fish

Mesta, Verdejo, Ucles, Spain or Lismore Barrel aged Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa 

The Verdejo, is a delicious, fruity summer drinking wine from northern Spain, amazingly quaffable.  It is also an organically-made wine, so you can feel great when you drink it.

Lismore is the Sauvignon Blanc from Sam O’Keefe, and very different to the usual style. Putting the wine into a barrel gives it a rich texture and a little touch of spice.  A really unique style, and a spectacular example of how a winemaker can really put their own touch on a bottle!

Burgers & Sausages 

Riccitelli Hey Malbec!, Mendoza, Argentina

This is NOT, I repeat NOT, your everyday Malbec, delivering enticing aromas of wild dark fruits, vanilla and chocolate on the nose. Complex and rich on the palate, with juicy black fruits, violet and black pepper enveloped in soft ripe tannins and an opulent finish. This is a wine that will keep all the red lovers in your household happy! 


Alandes, Paradoux Red Blend, Argentina

A multi-grape, multi-vintage wine by the amazing winemaker Karim Mussi.  The grapes for this wine are sourced all across the Andes, and only the best wines from the best years go together to produce this spectacular blend.  Ripe rich fruit, with loads of structure and tannin, but a smooth velvety finish.  Ideal for that Ribeye steak with a beautiful char on the outside.

I’m not having a BBQ, I just want to sit in the sun and drink great wine!

L’Aumerude, ‘Cuvee Christine,’ Provence, France

This delightful rosé comes from the south of France. Made with the Cinsault grape, there are hints of strawberries and a beautiful freshness and crispness about this wine.  Sit back relax, and close your eyes, you will feel like you are on the French Riviera.


Alternatively, you can have a box containing all these six great wines and save money!

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