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Tring Winery now offers a wine refill service, choose from 2 convenient sizes, either 500ml or 1 litre.  The decide which of our wonderful wines from keg you would like to fill your bottle with!

Take it home, enjoy, and repeat the process. Zero waste, zero need to recycle, as you bring the bottle back, we exchange it for a fresh one, and then clean and sterilise the old one for reuse.

Our rotating wine selection starting at just £8 per refill has included,

Verdejo, Spain

Chardonnay, France

Cinsault Rose, France

Pinot Grigio, Italy

Bobal, Spain

Primitivo, Italy

Malvasia Blend, TRING!


Why use the same bottle?  Can't I just recycle.

Glass presents some tough recycling problems—including lack of end markets, contamination, and transportation costs—partly because it weighs about 10 times as much as a similar volume of plastic or aluminum. It busts up easily, which makes it hard on equipment and increases maintenance costs. Also, glass fragments easily mix with paper and cardboard in single-stream recycling, reducing the value of these products. That’s made the market for recycled glass limited or nonexistent in different parts of the country.