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Fox & Fox "Inspiration" 2014

Fox & Fox "Inspiration" 2014

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Inspiration is a unique blend, celebrating the delicious Pinot Gris variety, with a dash of ripe Chardonnay to make a beautifully balanced fizz full of small bubbles and enticing zesty fruit flavours.

Inspiration is particularly well paired with seafood and Asian inspired dishes, the subtle notes of ginger and citrus bringing out the full flavours of those foods. It is also delightful when drunk as an aperitif.


Vintage: 2014
Winemaking: Traditional Method | Steel tank & Bottle Fermentation | No filtration
Single vineyard: Lakestreet Vineyard
Clones: Dijon/Burgundy clones selected for flavour
Soil: Clay over sandstone with ironstone shale beds
Aspect: South-south West | Slope 20%
Microclimate: Steeply sloping towards woodland, very sheltered, light convection breezes keep the air moving on warm days.
Elevation: 84.22m

Judges’ Comments from IEWA 2019: “Lovely apple crumbley nose and, leesy notes. Fab gentle mouth feel, richness, and acidity. Balanced finish”; “Utterly delicious all round. Lovely depth of flavour, and refined yumminess”; “Great quality and intensity on the nose with classic champagne and structured palate”;  “Great quality and intensity on the nose with classic champagne and structured palate”